Memo-ControlType: Platform - Copy Text - Sigmentation fault (11)

Issue #111 resolved
Harry Stahl
created an issue

If you use a TMemo with ControlType of Platform and select a text and copy it (with rightclick in Memo, select popup-menu copy) into the clipboard, than the app (sometiimes) crashes. Sometmes also when you only select the text in the memo-field.

Sometimes this is also with Controltype of Styled.´No idea why.

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  1. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    If possible please provide step-by-step instruction how to reproduce crash. Also PAServer out-put can help. Example can help too.

    We've just played with memo and clipboard and can not reproduce it yet.

  2. Harry Stahl reporter

    I've made an excerpt. And: I can not reproduce it. And even in the main app, I can not reproduce it. Seems that it was a temporarely problem.

    By the way: do you advice always to deinstall your product, before install a newer version? Or doesn't it matter if one do this or not?

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