Uses FireDAC.FMXUI.Wait

Issue #114 resolved
Victor Zanella
created an issue

When I create a blank multi platform application, then put a FDGUIxWaitCursor on form, the FireDAC.FMXUI.Wait unit appears on interface's uses.

When I try to deploy for a Linux-64 platform, I get this error: [DCC Fatal Error] Unit1.pas(8): F2613 Unit 'FireDAC.FMXUI.Wait' not found.

I'm getting this problem, because I'm tring to use FireDac connection with PostgreSQL. Can I use FireDac(visual components) with fmxlinux ?

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  1. Victor Zanella reporter

    Same problem with non visual components. TFDQuery.Open requires IFDGUIxWaitCursor.

    I gess i can't use FireDac.FMXUI.Wait, because its a Linux Platform, And i gess i can't use FireDAC.ConsoleUI.Wait, because it's not a Console Application

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