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I catch error when i set editbox to SetFocus at Centos 7 64bit. No error when i click on TDropdownEditButton Login (btnDatabase) at first time, then i close login and click login again, it raise error when i click again on TDropdownEditButton Login. It's normal when i delete editbox SetFocus (edtDatabase.SetFocus) at LoadcmbDatabase. But in Windows 10 LTSB 64 bit it's normal, no raise error. Can you explain to me what wrong with SetFocus. I use RadStudio Tokyo 10.2.2 (Build 2004) ,TMS FMX UI Pack, and UniDAC 7.1.4. My Linux is Centos 7.4 64bit. To run this Project, please put file myintransit in Documents Folder.

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  1. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    It may related to memory management, i didn't noticed code where you free fLogin. Try to call - fLogin.DisposeOf after fLogin.ShowModal. Calling DisposeOf for form is required because there lot's of internal link to form and ARC doesn't work.

  2. Aldian

    You're right. It work. I must use DisposeOf for all form to free memory. Before firemonkey flag deprecated at Release, I always use Release to free all delayed component at memory. Then i change to caFree at Close Form. Thank you very much sir. You can change this Issue status to Resolved.

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