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Dave Peters
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Change the font of a tlabel to a symbol font. At design time and in windows, Windows 64-bit and OS X you see the correct symbols. In Linux 64-bit, you get the original text "Label1" - no symbols.

Also a problem with drawing text to a canvas with filltext.

Font I am trying to use is a TrueType symbol font that I have installed in Linux and confirmed it works in a word processor.

No change with version 1.22

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  1. Dave Peters reporter

    I have attached the font file to the post. When drawing to the canvas, Windows works as expected and the font loads as symbol_charset (2). On OSX when writing using filltext you need to add $F000 to the character codes but tlabel seems to work without modification. With Linux you just get regular text for labels and filltext regardless of what you add to the character code.

    Will settle for any way to display labels and output symbols to a canvas.

  2. Dave Peters reporter

    Centos 7. Check for updates states it is up to date. Running on Windows 10 using Oracle VM VirtualBox

    I see the Cross Stitch Pro Platinum font in the list but it displays the label as ABCabc as if it were a normal text font. The existing fonts Standard Symbols and Dingbats also have the same problem.

    If I use LibreOffice writer then the font shows correctly. The character map in LibreOffice shows the character map correctly with symbols starting at F021 The systems character map shows empty characters for the same codes.

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