Incorrect font sizes on printer

Issue #154 resolved
Dave Peters created an issue

The printer canvas does not seem to take into account the printer resolution when sizing fonts. So all point sizes have to be multiplied by printer.ActivePrinter.ActiveDPI.X/96 to get the correct sizes.

Position of text rectangle on the page and line drawing seems to be correct.

Works as expected on OS X

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  1. Dave Peters reporter

    If have placed a modified version of your fontlist demo here:

    It allows selection of a printer followed by a supported resolution. Then click the print button to get a page containing a 5 inch black line and a line of text in 3 sizes.

    Length of line and position relative to text shows the resolution is correct but text sizes are way too small for the intended 12, 24 and 48 point.

    Run it on OS X for the correct result.

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