[Next] for sources and patch hangs in 1.34 for 10.2.3

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Try it several times and nothing goes next...

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  1. Zoltan Karpati

    I ran into the situation like yours, but I tried it for 10.3. After two attempts (registered version) I installed the trial version and then the registered version and it worked fine.

    I don't understand what was the problem.

  2. Eugene Kryukov repo owner

    Maybe you have modification in RAD Studio sources ? Please launch attached exe and post log or error here. We always tested 10.2 and 10.3 - works fine.

  3. Zoltan Karpati

    I inserted my log, but as I said after the 4th attempt, the installation was successful.

    Patch Delphi start at c:\Program Files (x86)\FmxLinux Patch FMX starts 20.0 Copy files System.Devices.pas ok Copy files System.Contnrs.pas ok Copy files System.Permissions.pas ok Copy files FireDAC.inc ok System.Devices.pas patched ok FMX.Types.pas patched ok FMX.Styles.pas patched ok FMX.Clipboard.pas patched ok FMX.Platform.pas patched ok FMX.Gestures.pas patched ok FMX.Controls.pas patched ok FMX.ListView.pas patched ok FMX.Forms.pas patched ok FMX.KeyMapping.pas patched ok FMX.WebBrowser.pas patched ok FMX.Media.pas patched ok FMX.StdCtrls.pas patched ok FMX.ListBox.pas patched ok FMX.Printer.pas patched ok FMX.ActnList.pas patched ok FMX.Grid.Style.pas patched ok FMX.Pickers.Default.pas patched ok Copy res starts 20.0 PatchFMXs completed

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