Form caption view problem

Issue #36 resolved
Zoltan Karpati
created an issue

If I use an existing FMX project (in my case from 10.1.2 Berlin) it won't show the Form caption's text.

If I create a new project (under Tokyo) it will show the Form caption's text correctly.

I can't imagine what is the problem with the old project.

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  1. Zoltan Karpati reporter

    I don't know what is the real problem with this FMX project, but I did find that how to fix it:

    • Right click on the Form
    • Select the 'View as Text' menuitem
    • Delete the following line: BorderIcons = [biSystemMenu, biMinimize]
    • After it it works fine.
  2. Harry Stahl

    On a form, boderstyle single, Showmodal, the caption is only shown, when for BorderIcons "biSystemMenu, biMaximize and biMinimize" is activated. If you deactivate one of them, the caption is not shown

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