Los leJOS



Download leJOS NXJ and extract somewhere, for example to ~/lejos. Add the following to ~/.bashrc (replacing the directory where appropriate).

export NXJ_HOME=~/lejos
export PATH=$PATH:$NXJ_HOME/bin

Follow this guide to set the leJOS NXJ plugin up in Eclipse, importing the projects contained in this repository to your workspace using File > Import, selecting General > Existing Projects Into Workspace, then choosing the directory you cloned this repository to as the Root Diectory.


Issue the following command.

cd $NXJ_HOME/build

Next, run the command ant. This will build the necessary library for accessing the NXT over USB.


First, copy the Bluetooth library on the DICE filesystem to your leJOS directory by running the following command.

cp /usr/lib64/ $NXJ_HOME/

Next, add the following to ~/.bashrc


To communicate over Bluetooth using Eclipse, it must be opened from the terminal using the command eclipse & or it won't be able to locate the Bluetooth library. Alternatively, run the ant build script for each project by right-clicking build.xml and selecting Run As > Ant Build.