Aquachain C++ optimized miner.


Download latest binaries

aquacppminer     : slowest version, should work on any CPU
aquacppminer_avx : faster version, for CPUs supporting AVX instruction set
aquacppminer_avx2: fastest version, for recent CPUs supporting AVX2 instruction set

Use a tool like CPUZ to see if your CPU supports AVX / AVX2


  • 1.0: initial release
  • 1.1: fix occasional bad shares, linux/win/macOS build scripts
  • 1.2: less HTTP connections, --proxy option, developer options, reduced fee to 2%


On Linux you may need to install some required packages first in order to build

ubuntu : sudo apt-get install libssl-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev libgmp-dev
redhat : sudo yum install libcurl-devel gmp-devel openssl-devel

Other platforms, just unzip to a folder and launch


  • all commands below need to be launched from the repo folder in a shell (github console on Windows, bash & friends on others)
  • on linux you first need to install some packages (see installation section)
  • on Windows you need to have Visual Studio 2015 installed (community version is ok)
  • launch ./build/, ./build/ or ./build/, depending on your platform
  • launch ./build/, ./build/, ./build/, depending on your platform
  • if build succesfull, binaries will be in the rel/ folder

Config file

  • First time you launch the miner it will ask for configuration and store it into config.cfg.
  • You can edit this file later if you want, delete config.cfg and relaunch the miner to restart configuration
  • If using commandline parameters (see next section) miner will not create config file.
  • Commandline parameters have priority over config file.


aquacppminer -F url [-t nThreads] [-n nodeUrl] [--solo] [-r refreshRate] [-h]
    -F url         : url of pool or node to mine on, if not specified, will pool mine to dev's aquabase
    -t nThreads    : number of threads to use (if not specified will use maximum logical threads available)
    -n node_url    : optional node url, to get more stats (pool mining only)
    -r rate        : pool refresh rate, ex: 3s, 2.5m, default is 3s
    --solo         : solo mining, -F needs to be the node url
    --proxy        : proxy to use, ex: --proxy socks5://
    --argon x,y,z  : use specific argon params (ex: 4,512,1), skip shares submit if incompatible with HF7
    --submit       : when used with --argon, forces submitting shares to pool/node
    -h             : display this help message and exit


Pool Mining, auto thread count

aquacppminer -F

Pool Mining, 8 threads, getting more block stats from local aqua node

aquacppminer -t 8 -F -n

Solo Mining to local aqua node, auto thread count

aquacppminer --solo -F


Miner takes a 3% fee, applies to solo & pool mining.


  • AQUA : 0x6e37abb108f4010530beb4bbfd9842127d8bfb3f


  • Email:
  • Twitter: @CryptoGonus
  • Discord: cryptogone#3107