BinaryNinja APISig Service

This AssemblyLine service analyses Windows executables for the usage of specified API's within bounded ranges.


  • BinaryNinja
    • Compute licenses (Contact Support)
    • Current Dev Branch


  • binja.tar.gz
    • Must have folder 'binaryninja' containing your current installation of BinaryNinja.
  • license.dat
    • Add a 'license' key to the Binja config, with a value of your license file contents.


  • API Signatures are dictionaries stored as an array in sigs.json.
  • Signature required keys:
    • name: The signature name, to be displayed on match
    • score: Score for each match of siganture
    • init: List of API Calls to start processing the signature at
    • conditions: List of conditions. Required keys for each condition:
      • max: Maximum distance to search for matching calls
      • tgts: The calls to match for this condition
  • Example Signature
  "name": "Lookup API And Call",
  "score": 10,
  "conditions": [{"max": 10, "tgts": ["KERNEL32!GETPROCADDRESS"]},
                 {"max": 30, "tgts": ["REG"]}


  • Score, signature name and location of matching signatures
  • Supplemental Files
    • The bndb generated during analysis
    • The linear disassembly of matched functions