Oletools Service

This Assemblyline service extracts metadata and network information, and reports anomalies in Microsoft OLE and XML documents using the Python library py-oletools

NOTE: This service does not require you to buy a licence and is preinstalled and working after a default installation


The Oletools service will report the following information for each file when present:

  1. Macros (AL tag: TECHNIQUE_MACROS):

    • SHA256 (AL tag: OLE_MACRO_SHA256);
    • Suspicious strings (AL tak: OLE_MACRO_SUSPICIOUS_STRINGS);
    • Network indicators.
  2. Embedded document streams:

    • Name.
  3. Suspicious XML:

    • FrankenStrings Patterns module results
    • Base64 encoded content

Extraction for both VBA scripts in macros, embedded streams and suspicious xml is performed by the service.