Implement an idea about a designer collaboration tool by Máirín Duffy. The idea is described in two blogposts:

and a page in the GNOME wiki:


Development is done with python 2.6

create an environment with buildout in the /buildout subdirectory. Bootstrap the buildout environment:

cd buildout python2.6 -d

With -d you use distribute instead of setuptools. Then run buildout:


Buildout will install all files inside the /buildout directory and exclude site-packages.

To run the application, you have to start two processes: ZEO (database server) and paster who serves the designhub application. During development you should run them in the foreground mode on the console:

# console 1:
bin/runzeo -C etc/zeo.conf

#console 2:
bin/paster serve etc/development.ini

Running the tests

To run the tests in the buildout, run bin/test. To run the tests, generate a coverage report and open it in yoru webbrowser, run bin/coveragereport.


The designhub package is licensed unter the AGPL 3 which you can find in the LICENSE file. The files below /thirdparty are covered by other licenses you can find in the corresponding directories.


This package was written by Carsten Senger <>. It can be found on