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starting to revisit after some checker fixes

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 import org.eclipse.ui.IPageLayout;
 import org.eclipse.ui.IPerspectiveFactory;
+import guitypes.checkers.quals.*;
  * The java monitor perspective factory.
-public class JavaMonitorPerspectiveFactory implements IPerspectiveFactory {
+@UIType public class JavaMonitorPerspectiveFactory implements IPerspectiveFactory {
     /** The folder id for navigator views. */
     private static final String ID_NAVIGATOR_FOLDER = "org.jvmmonitor.internal.ui.NavigatorFolderView"; //$NON-NLS-1$
 +30 (5:50), 19.  mostly backtracking to mark a bunch of obviously safe methods of UITypes (e.g. containing asyncExec) as SafeEffect.
 +15 (6:05), 16.  A couple safe stubs (IStructuredSelection).  Also pretty sure I've found buggy implementations of IPropertyChangeListener.
 +15 (6:20), 13.  Found a safe type (PropertySheet) and identified a few nearly-certain bugs.
++5 (6:25), 24.  Upped from some stub file & checker fixes, then marked a @UIType
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