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 	            if (viewer != null)
-	            	return viewer.getDocument();				
+	            	return viewer.getDocument(); // Colin Gordon: Not sure if this is safe or a bug. The /implementation/ is safe, but that may not be intentional
 		throw new FileNotFoundException("no document found");


  * and limitations under the License.
+import guitypes.checkers.quals.*;
 public class LocalPullDownMenu implements IMenuListener {
 	// Constant ----------------------------------------------------------------
 	public void finalize() {
-		fillMenu();
+		fillMenu(); // Colin Gordon: BUG? This seems like an application bug for sure, even if it's not a ui threading bug
 	public void menuAboutToShow(IMenuManager manager) {
 +15 (1:30): 48.  Marked a couple JFace utility classes @SafeType, plus a new UIType
 +15 (1:45): 35.  Mostly marked a couple safe types and packages.
 +60 (2:45): 20 (plus 2 warnings about redundant annotations because I haven't fixed the postDirectSupertypes() issue yet).  A few stub fixes, largely marking the AbstractViewAction heirarchy as UITypes.  Could probably replace those with a single package annotation.
++15 (3:00): 10.  Largely marking things like JFaceResources and (shockingly) SWT Font as mostly safe