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        trayer-srg is a lightweight GTK2-based systray for UNIX desktop

        trayer [OPTION]...

    trayer-srg was forked from trayer in january 2010 to add some
    fancy features and clean up code.
	trayer is small program designed to provide systray functionality present
	in GNOME/KDE desktop enviroments for window managers wchich doesn't
	support that function. It's similar to other applications such as
	'peksystray' and 'docker'.
	trayer code was extracted from fbpanel application, you can find more
	about it on it's homepage:

	You can find new versions of trayer and support on FVWM-Crystal
	project homepage:

	There is also a debian maintained version of trayer, you
	can find the mercurial repository on:

	You can find code of trayer-srg on his github page:

        -h			- prints help message and exits
        -v			- prints version and exits
	--edge			- screen edge to use <left|right|top|bottom>
	--align			- alignment <left|center|right>
	--margin		- length of margin in pixels
	--distance		- space between trayer's window and screen
	--distancefrom  - Specifies which edge to calculate distance from, see 
	--widthtype		- how panel width is calculated:
				  request - follow widgets' size requests. can shrink
				  	    or grow dynamically
				  pixel	  - ocupy fixed number of pixels, then 'width'
				  	    variable holds a number
				  percent - be 'width' precent of an edge
	--width			- width of a panel (not used with --widthtype=request)
	--heighttype		- how panel height is calcilated:
				  pixel   - ocupy fixed number of pixels, then 'height'
				  	    variable holds a number
	--height		- height of a panel in pixels
	--SetDockTpe		- Identify panel window type as dock <true|false>
	--SetPartialStrut	- Reserve panel's space so that it will not be covered
				  by maximazied windows <true|false>
	--transparent		- use transparency <true|false>
	--tint			- color used to "tint" background wallpaper
	--alpha			- pocentage of transparency <0-256>
	--expand		- specifies if trayer can accomodate extra
				  space or not <true|false>
	--padding		- extra space between trayer's window frame
				  and docked icons
	--monitor       - define the mointor on which you like
				  trayer to appear, number of zero to number
				  of monitors minus one
	Maciej Delmanowski <>
	Anatoly Asviyan <> - fbpanel
	Rafal Bisingier <> - conversion of configuration using  ~/.fbpanel/* files to commandline options
	Grzegorz Niewêg³owski <> - code extraction from fbpanel
	Thomas Rydzynski - added new option 'distance'
	Keegan Carruthers-Smith <> - fix align 
	Yury Akudovich - added new option distancefrom option
	Jens Peter Secher <> - various (debian trayer fork)
	Daniel Ehlers - multi monitor support, code cleanup