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CSSJockey Add-ons Server enables real-time state sync synchronization and database (based on Gun.js) used by our different add-ons and UI blocks.

Download supports real-time global deployments so we will use this service to easily setup our server.

  1. Go to website and create a free account if you don't have one.
  2. Download and install Now Desktop App on your computer and log in.

Download Server Code

Direct Download

  1. Go to and click on Download repository link to get the source code in ZIP file.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file on your computer.

Download via GIT

If you have GIT installed on your computer you can follow the setup below to setup the server.

$ git clone FOLDER_NAME

Deploy server via

  1. You can drag and drop the downloaded folder to the icon in the toolbar.
  2. or you can open Terminal (Mac or Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows) and cd into the downloaded folder and run the following command.
$ now --npm --public

Both deployment methods mentioned above will save the server URL in your clipboard.

The server url will be something like this:

CSSJockey Add-ons Plugin Setup

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to CSSJockey >> Home >> Global Settings page.
  2. Paste the URL under Server URL and Port text box and type :443 after the URL. send and receive all data at port 443 so make sure to type :443 after the URL.

for example:


That's It! Now we have CSSJockey Add-ons Server up and running which will be used by our add-ons or UI blocks.