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got temperature checker working on greenhouse example

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     def event_received(self, event, message):
         sender = message.get('sender')
+        print sender
         if sender in self._float_switches and self._float_switch_is_open(sender, message) and not self._too_cold:
             location = sender.replace(' float_switch', '')
             self.sockets.send('turn off {0} pump'.format(location))
         elif sender == 'greenhouse temperature':
-            self._check_temperature(message):
+            self._check_temperature(message)
     def _check_temperature(self, message):
         t = self._get_greenhouse_temperature(message)
-        print 'is too cold?', t
-        if t < 15:
+        print 'is too cold?', t, message
+        if t < 15 and self._too_cold is False:
             self._too_cold = True
             self.sockets.send('turn on bed one pump')
             self.sockets.send('turn off bed two pump')
             self._too_cold = False
-    def _greenhouse_temperature(self, message):
-        """
-        """
-        return message.get('locations', {}).get('greenhouse', {}).get('temperature', {}).get('value')
+    def _get_greenhouse_temperature(self, message):
+        return message.get('locations', {}).get('greenhouse', {}).get('input', {}).get('temperature', {}).get('value')
     def _float_switch_is_open(self, sender, message):
         location = sender.replace(' float_switch', '')
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