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     NOTE:  be sure to configure the Addresses to point to the gadgets system that you wish to record.
-    events = ['bed one pump', 'bed two pump', 'bed three pump']
+    events = ['UPDATE']
     def on_start(self):
         self._client = pymongo.MongoClient()
         self._db = self._client[self._location]
     def event_received(self, event, message):
-        if 'temperature' not in message.get('sender'):
+        sender = message.get('sender', '')
+        if 'pump' in sender:
             message['timestamp'] =
     def _register(self):
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     location = 'greenhouse'
     addresses = Addresses(host=location) #configures this gadgets system as a remote, instead of the master