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User Interface Command Mode

Let's turn on something. Type 'c' to enter command mode, which should now be indicated by the top bar.


Once the ui is in command mode you can use the up and down arrows (or for emacs folks like myself, the 'n' and 'p' keys) to highlight the output devices in the device tree.


Once the output device you wish to control is highlighed, hit the enter key to turn it on.


To turn it off hit enter again.

You can also send a command with arguments. For instance, if you wanted turn on the pump for 5 seconds you can highlight the target device and hit the 'a' key (a for arguments). You will be prompted for the arguments by a pop up window:


Hit enter after typing the arguments and the bet two pump will turn on for 5 seconds, then turn off (see the docs for Robot Command Language for an explaination on command arguments).

Hit 'esc' to exit command mode.