gadgets / gadgets / tests /

import os, time, random, threading
from import eq_
from import GPIO
from gadgets.pins.beaglebone import pins
from gadgets import Addresses, Sockets, Gadgets
from gadgets.devices.input.factory import input_factory
from gadgets.devices.input.adc import ADCPoller

def setup():
    ADCPoller.InputClass = FakeADC

class FakeADC(threading.Thread):

    def __init__(self, target, pin, threshold=2048, sleep_time=1, delay=None):
        self._target = target
        super(FakeADC, self).__init__()

    def value(self):
        return False

    def run(self):

    def close(self):

class TestInputACD(object):

    def setup(self):
        port = random.randint(5000, 50000)
        self.addresses = Addresses(in_port=port, out_port=port+1, req_port=port+2)
        pin = None
        self.sockets = Sockets(self.addresses, events=['update'])
        self.input = input_factory('left', 'input', {'pin':None, 'input_type': 'adc'}, self.addresses)
        self.gadgets = Gadgets([self.input], self.addresses)

    def test_create(self):

    def test_run(self):
        t = threading.Thread(target=self.gadgets.start)
        event, message = self.sockets.recv()
        eq_(event, 'update')
        expected = {u'left': {u'input': {u'input': {u'value': 2046}}}}
        eq_(message, expected)
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