gadgets / CHANGES.txt


0.3.1, 7/25/2013 -
    added a request-response mechanism so the status of the system
    can be requested.
    Added a reference to the iphone interface to the docs.
0.3.0, 7/18/2013 -
    improved the 'command mode' of the ui
    improved the note taking dialog of the ui
    changed the greenhouse example to reflect my current greenhouse setup

0.2.3, 5/28/2013 -
    added '--commad' to the gadgets console script
    fixed a few bugs
    added an example for watering the grass

0.2.2, 4/24/2013 -
    fixed a bug in the shift register switch

0.2.1, 4/24/2013 -
    fixed the curses user interface

0.2.0, 4/23/2013 -
    added support for raspberry pi gpio

0.1.1, 3/6/2013 -
    added a momentary option for switch, so that it only turns on
    for a small amount of time

    changed to README.txt so it will show up on pypi

    added gadgets.devices.Button.  It monitors a gpio input pin
    and pushes a status update when it changes

0.1.0, 2/26/2013 - 
    changed the way thermometer works and how it is configured
    for get_gadgets

    added XBee IO for Switch

0.0.2, 2/16/2013 - 
    added a shift register switch    
0.0.1, 2/12/2013 - first version


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