EdoDroid is a static analysis tool which built on the top of IC3 for Android


Build of IC3 and Dare

As IC3 requires Dare to create the retargeted app of the original app. As the project is built with a Mac OS, therefore the Dare we use is also the Mac version. If you build the tool with Linux, please replace the Dare with its Linux version.


Run IC3

IC3 is an inter-component communication (ICC) analysis tool for Android. Edo Droid uses IC3 as the kernal to perform inter-component analysis.

Init Database

Initialize the database which will be used for IC3 with name cc. The user name and password used for this must be same as the ones provided in the file. Once the database has been created, from the mysql command prompt you can do the following:

mysql> use cc
mysql> source path_to_schema_file

Note that the latest version of MySQL has a stronger prevent which makes the IC3 cannot connect the DB. Therefore, we use an archived version (v5.7). Also, other versions may work, but not tested.

Launch IC3

To launch IC3, you use the script defined in script folder with following commands:

# Run IC3 for a given apk
./ $path_of_apk

After running the IC3, it will direct the result to the database named cc. Inside cc, users can check the database tables like the figure below. ICC-Tables

Launch EdoDroid

Now, we are ready to launch edodroid. Note that, EdoDroid requires two inputs: apkfilepath and Android-platform-jars.