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fixed dates for releases 0.9.2a3-4

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 known issues
 - CSSStyleDeclaration.getCSSValue and Value Classes are not fully implemented. These are currently in work and may be fully implemented in one of the next releases (0.9.2)
+- media queries like ``@media all and (color)`` result in an error and the rules are not parsed or included in the resulting CSSStyleSheet. Media queries will be added in one of the next releases (0.9.3 maybe)
 - CSS2Properties not implemented completely (setting a property does not set related properties like setting margin does not set margin-left etc
 - @charset not implemented according to spec (plan: 0.9.2)
 - Tantek hack (using ``voice-family``) is mangled so does not work after reserializing. This is as property order is changed and the hack needs a specific order. Other CSS hacks do work though (e.g. ``color: red; c\olor: green;``.
 - escapes of CSS special characters does not really work but is very uncommon (e.g \@a without being an atkeyword or .\1 being a classname selector)
 - Properties are not bound to any CSS Version, so all properties are handled so 
   *NOT* as described in "Illegal values". (A future version might be customizable to a specific CSS version like 1.0 or 2.1)
 - Property.value is only checked for valid CSS2 properties, so will accept more than allowed. In case of an error a WARNING is issued only
 - TODO: FEATURE: Implementation of css.CSSValue
+0.9.2.a5 070624
     - BUGFIX: Unexpected end of style sheet now handled according to spec for most cases, e.g. incomplete CSSStyleRule, CSSMediaRule, CSSImportRule, CSSNamespaceRule, CSSPageRule. 
-0.9.2a4 071020 
+0.9.2a4 070620 
     - BUGFIX (major): no changes to the library, but fixed setup of source dist
 0.9.2a3 071018
     - no changes to the library, just optimized setuptools dist
-0.9.2a2 071017
+0.9.2a2 070617
     - API CHANGE: removed cssutils.util.normalize function, use static (but private!) method cssutils.util.Base._normalize if absolutely needed which may be change too though
     - API CHANGE (minor): removed ``getFormatted`` and ```pprint`` from various classes which were both DEPRECATED for some time anyway
     - API CHANGE (minor): _Property.value is DEPRECATED, use _Property.cssValue.cssText instead, _Property is defined as private anyway so should not be used directly