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Issue #23 resolved

test encutils.getMetaInfo failure for mainstream python2.7

created an issue

Available Python interpreters: [1] python2.5 [2] python2.6 * [3] python2.7

* Testing of dev-python/cssutils-0.9.9 with CPython 2.6...

Ran 362 tests in 7.275s


Available Python interpreters: [1] python2.5 [2] python2.6 [3] python2.7 *

* Testing of dev-python/cssutils-0.9.10_beta1 with CPython 2.7...

FAIL: encutils.getMetaInfo

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/mnt/gen2/TmpDir/portage/dev-python/cssutils-0.9.10_beta1/work/cssutils-0.9.10b1/src/tests/test_encutils/init.py", line 165, in test_getMetaInfo self.assertEqual(exp, encutils.getMetaInfo(test, log=log)) AssertionError: Tuples differ: (None, None) != ('text/html', 'ascii')

First differing element 0: None text/html

  • (None, None)
  • ('text/html', 'ascii')

That's to say it passes with the old python2.6 and the current python2.7 it misfires. I dare say this indicates that a change during this year some time on how python2.7 handles the 'ascii' in ('text/html', 'ascii') has been upgraded, but the test hasn't. This identical test fail is in place for both versions 0.9.9 & 0.9.10_beta1. I don't think a complete build log will inform any further, but it you wish it please prompt. I would anticipate the test warrants a decorator stipulating 2 syntax forms; 1 for python2.7, 1 for prior versions, best guessing.

Comments (2)

  1. C. Dot repo owner

    kind of lame but test work on newer Python version (tested with 2.7.3) now and will probably fail on older. But this makes more sense as older versions will die out eventually anyway ;)

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