Live monitor

An experimental web application using websockets and smoothie graphs to do live high-resolution monitoring.

It does not have a cute name.

The license is 2-clause BSD. Copyright is Christian Theune.


  • virtualenv .
  • bin/python
  • bin/buildout


In one terminal connect to an haproxy that offers its statistic interface at /admin/stats:

  • ssh -L 8092:localhost:8092 somehostrunninghaproxy

Then, start the server:

  • bin/livemonitor

Then, connect with a Websockets-capable browser:

If the haproxy isn't available when starting the server, then the server will crash partially.

Building on OS X

  • brew install libevent
  • CFLAGS="-I /opt/local/include" bin/buildout

Unfortunately, zc.recipe.egg's include-dirs option doesn't help. Maybe because of clang being used.