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Cubeia Poker is an Open Source poker system which can scale from a simple
single server setup up to a services oriented distributed cluster system

It is based on Cubeia Firebase and Cubeia Network, which are both open source
and in production since years. The main implementation language is java.


mvn clean install

The folder "system" contains details on how to setup a poker system.


Information subjecting development is contained within the module folders. Some
general info can be found in the folder doc.

The project-structure is kept as much as possible "natural" and logical. There
are however some limitations of maven, which can result in an unusual structure.


Support for Production Setup and Integration is provided by Cubeia, usually in
context of commercial customer services.


You can find a running instance at:

This Poker Network uses the open source Cubeia Poker, and a few non-open-source


Repo   :
Site   :
Forum  :

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