Fredrik Johansson avatar Fredrik Johansson committed c3a68eb

Adding failing unit tests for normalized lists problem

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     <struct name="fourth" id="4" />
+    <struct name="fifth" id="5">
+        <list name="texts" type="string" />
+        <list name="numbers" type="uint32" />
+    </struct>


             var norm = struct.getNormalizedObject();
+        it('fifth struct should work', function() {
+            var struct = new STYXTEST.Fifth();
+            struct.texts.push("AA");
+            struct.numbers.push(10);
+            var byteArray =;
+            expect(struct.classId()).toBe(5);
+            var norm = struct.getNormalizedObject();
+            expect(norm).not.toBeNull();
+        });
     describe('Firebase API', function() {
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