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==  Welcome to Cubeia Styx                                             ==

This product contains code developed by Cubeia Ltd (
Copyright (c) 2010 Cubeia Ltd,, and licensed under 
the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For more information about Cubeia please visit one of the 
following resources:

 - Cubeia Ltd:
 - Cubeia Community Site:
 - Cubeia Styx:

This project is build with Maven 3. If you have a source distribution, 
you should simply have to enter the root directory with command window 
and execute:

 `mvn package`

At the moment the documentation for this library is available only on the
Styx community wiki:

== RELEASE NOTES                                                       ==

All issues in these release notes ca be found at the Styx community site:

= Version 1.11 / 3 Aug 2012 =

Bug fixes:

  * Issue #1: Missing normalization in enums
  * Issue #3: Normalized lists
  * Issue #4: Styx java protocol packets does not support null in enum fields
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