Cubeia Styx / maven / protocol-generator-plugin / src / test / resources / protocol.xml

<protocol version="$Revision: 6329 $">

    <enum name="enum_type">

    <!-- ==========  General Structs  ========== -->
    <struct id="1" name="enum_test_packet">
        <var name="type" type="enum_type"/>
    <struct id="2" name="type_test_packet">
        <var name="i8" type="int8"/>
        <var name="ui8" type="uint8"/>
        <var name="i16" type="int16"/>
        <var name="i32" type="int32"/>
        <var name="b" type="bool"/>
        <var name="s" type="string"/>
    <struct ud="3" name="list_test_packet">
        <list name="l" type="uint8"/>
    <struct ud="4" name="dep_test_packet">
        <var name="t" type="type_test_packet"/>
    <struct id="5" name="list_of_enums">
    	<list name="l" type="enum_type" />
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