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+0978c6da265c99ac107a0011b6d25178d422bb92 trunk
+24ebb9092d074cb4b45e7eb77bf8b52d8b9bbc80 guice-support-1.0-RC.1
+25fba4c31ba3b64a1d040ac1974ee1c67d824bbf guice-support-1.1.1
+38c44798a4dc5ceccd13611ea7085c50d7db9317 guice-support-1.4
+735d1af579ae4061cc4d320d07592f1aa72921ae guice-support-1.3.1
+7a37a90c00d075e42feda1262bee54abe72d5cbc guice-support-1.1
+9d6ecef1aa7b4dc6a4e30f0c1203bba41ec4a932 guice-support-1.1.2
+cfd36abf58a71525f9c13e5f32417f9bfee2e8b4 guice-support-1.2.0
+d00eea23028af0b05064e99aba345e32342e7bc7 guice-support-1.3.0
+def48b39a4cd41c0b3ad187651f3df1c765e07d1 guice-support-1.3.2
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