=== Cubeia Social ===
Tags: poker, social gaming
Requires at least: 3.0.1
Tested up to: 3.5.1
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPLv2
License URI:

This is a plugin for integrating your WP site with Cubeia Social. No more. No less.

== Description ==
This plugin integrates a WP site with the [Cubeia Social]( play money
poker network. It will hook in to the WP login/logout process in order to authenticate users against
the network.  

[Cubeia Social]( is a free to signup, social poker network where anyone
can be their own operator. It features:

 * A *very* simple signup and integration. 

Coming soon: 

 * A fully skinnable HTML5 client: use your own CSS style sheet!
 * Optional Facebook integration, with achievements and rankins.

== Installation ==
To integration to [Cubeia Social]( do the following:

 1. Install and enable this plugin. 
 2. Log into your admin dashboard and go to Settings->Cubeia Social. 
 3. Configure "Operator ID" to the ID you got from  [Cubeia Social](
And that's all! Optionally you can also configure the following:
 * "Auth Cookie TTL" - This is the number of hours the WP login is valid for a poker session. See
 the FAQ for more information.
 * "Base URL" - By default the plugin will listen for external call from the network on the base
 URL "/cubeia-social/". Change this here if you like, but make sure to edit your preferences on 
 [Cubeia Social]( as well.
 * You can also enable logging to file. This might be helpful for debugging.  

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= This "Auth Cookie TTL", what's that? ==
WP stores a users session ID in a cookie. However, when the poker network needs to authenticate the
user, this cookie is not available. So the user will be authenticated using a session written to the 
database, and this "poker session" will be used instead. The TTL simply determines how long a poker session
is valid from the first login or authentication of the user.   

== Changelog ==

= 0.20 =
* Added create user functionality

= 0.19 =
* Added separate url for client, which makes it possible to use http/https depending on website protocol

= 0.18 =
* Added email to authentication response to support client player invites
* Changed default client URL

= 0.17 =
* added auto updating leaderboards
* Added short code [cs_tournament_winnings currency="XCC"]

= 0.15 =
* Touching cookie on URL generation

= 0.14 =
* improved error handling

= 0.13 =
* added default value to get log level

= 0.12 =
* Extracted integration domain & client skin to config

= 0.11 =
* Fixed turnament date format

= 0.10 = 
* Added shortcode [cs_achievements] that will display the achievement list for the logged in player.

= 0.9 = 
* Added shortcodes [cs_online_players max_display_items="10" tables="false"] and [cs_online_count] to display online players and count.

= 0.8 = 
* Added deep linking to tables and tournaments to the play url short code [cs_poker_client_url table="234"] or [cs_poker_client_url tournament="234"]
* Added deep linking redirect page. Going to /cubeia-social/table/123 will redirect an authenticated user to the poker client and open the provided 
  table. The user will be sent to wp authentication page if not logged in

= 0.7 =
* Added error handling when fetching leaderboard. 
* Fixed parsing of avatar urls.

= 0.6 =
* Added avatar url to login response

= 0.5 =
* Fixed leaderboard amounts to handle decimal strings instead of integer cents 

= 0.4 =
* Fixed cs-tournaments.js to set contentType to application/json

= 0.3 =
* Added [cs_leaderboard leaderboard_id="top_balance" max_display_items="10" global_leaderboard="false"] for displaying leaderboards

= 0.2 =
 * Adding [cs_tournament_table] shortcode for displaying future tournaments. 

= 0.1 = 
 * First official release.