Meikel Brandmeyer committed 4dc2e04

Set the softtabstop and shiftwidth

A value of 2 plays better with the indentation than the usual 8.

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 let b:did_indent = 1
-let b:undo_indent = "setlocal ai< si< lisp< lw< et<"
+let b:undo_indent = "setlocal ai< si< lisp< lw< et< sts< sw<"
 setlocal autoindent lisp expandtab nosmartindent
+setlocal softtabstop=2
+setlocal shiftwidth=2
 " If a previously loaded indent plugin set this, we are in trouble.
 setlocal indentexpr=
   version.txt -- Version Information for vimclojure (syntax: Text)
   [automatically generated and maintained by GNU shtool]
-  This is vimclojure, Version 1.0.3 (07-Jul-2008)
+  This is vimclojure, Version 1.0.4 (16-Jul-2008)