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Extend README with information on Ivy

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 Please refer to the online documentation in the doc folder for further
 information on how to use VimClojure, its features and its caveats.
+Using Ivy
+Alternatively you may use Ivy to resolve the dependencies. Simply omit the
+first two lines in the file and ant will automatically
+download any missing dependencies. In case you don't have Ivy installed,
+this will be fetched also.
+VimClojure is available as Ivy dependency also. Run "ant publish-local"
+after building the VimClojure and use
+    <dependency org="de.kokta" name="vimclojure" rev="2.1.0"/>
+to include the VimClojure jar in your projects classpath. But mapping
+the dependency to a private configuration the dependency is only for
+development. Users of your project won't be bothered with the dependency.
 Meikel Branmdeyer <>
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