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Add fromBencode converter

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 ) where
 import Prelude hiding (readList)
     | BList [Bencode]
     | BMap (M.Map B.ByteString Bencode)
+class IsBencodeReadable a where
+    fromBencode     :: Bencode -> a
+    fromBencodeList :: Bencode -> [a]
+    fromBencodeList (BList l) = map fromBencode l
+instance IsBencodeReadable Char where
+    fromBencode     (BString s) = head $ B.unpack s
+    fromBencodeList (BString s) = B.unpack s
+instance IsBencodeReadable Int where
+    fromBencode (BInt n) = n
+instance (IsBencodeReadable a) => IsBencodeReadable [a] where
+    fromBencode = fromBencodeList
+mapEntryFromBencode (k, v) = (B.unpack k, fromBencode v)
+instance (IsBencodeReadable a) => IsBencodeReadable (M.Map [Char] a) where
+    fromBencode (BMap m) = M.fromList $ map mapEntryFromBencode $ toList m
 readUntil delim readToken stream = do
     ch <- hLookAhead stream
     if ch == delim then do
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