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CLOJURE						*clojure.vim* *ft-clj-syntax*

The clojure syntax highlighting provides two options:
		If it exists and is nonzero, then Clojure's builtin functions
		are highlighted. This useful to distuingish macros and special
		forms from functions.

		If it exists and is nonzero, then Clojure-Contrib's functions
		are highlighted.

		If it exists and is nonzero, then differing levels of
		parenthesisation will receive different highlighting.
The g:clj_paren_rainbow option provides 10 levels of individual colorisation
for the parentheses. Because of the quantity of colorisation levels, unlike
non-rainbow highlighting, the rainbow mode specifies its highlighting using
ctermfg and guifg, thereby bypassing the usual colorscheme control using
standard highlighting groups. The actual highlighting used depends on the
dark/bright setting  (see |'bg'|).