Yuya Nishihara committed 909c9cf

repoview: fix unicode handling of error message at goto(rev) (fixes #1822)

- 'rev' may be arbitrary non-ascii string
- fromunicode(str(e)) is a typo of tounicode(...)

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             rev = self.repo.changectx(rev).rev()
         except error.RepoError:
-            self.showMessage.emit(_("Can't find revision '%s'") % rev)
+            self.showMessage.emit(_("Can't find revision '%s'")
+                                  % hglib.tounicode(str(rev)))
         except LookupError, e:
-            self.showMessage.emit(hglib.fromunicode(str(e)))
+            self.showMessage.emit(hglib.tounicode(str(e)))
             idx = self.model().indexFromRev(rev)
             if idx is not None:
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