Christian Wilcox  committed 46bfd69

removed extra comment; updated version to 1.5.2; will check if upload of new file shows update on installed pc

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-            <em:version>1.5.1</em:version>
+            <em:version>1.5.2</em:version>

File xpi/chrome/content/overlay.js

         file.create(0, 0666);
         // 0x02 opens the file for writing only
         foStream.init(file, 0x02, 0666, 0); 
-        // TODO if output_encoding == ascii, split data by "\n" then join by "\r\n"
         converter.init(foStream, output_encoding, 0, 0);
         if (output_encoding === "ascii") {
             split_data = data.split("\n");

File xpi/install.rdf

-    <em:version>1.5.1</em:version>
+    <em:version>1.5.2</em:version>
     <em:creator>Christian Wilcox</em:creator>
     <em:description>Listens for a "WriteFile" event from an element in a web page and writes the contents of that element to the path given in the "filename" attribute of the same element. *Does not* create "filename" if it already exists.</em:description>