boa-constructor / Credits.txt


Thanks to Guido van Rossum and Python Labs for Python.

wxPython (Robin Dunn) & wxWidgets (Julian Smart, Robert Roebling, Vadim Zeitlin, et al.) 

Neil Hodgson for Scintilla borrows from - standard python library
uses by Fredrik Lundh
Debugger GUI originally based on IDLE's debugger by Guido van Rossum
Mozilla, Delphi, WinCVS for iconic inspirations
Cyclops, ndiff by Tim Peters and the DateTime package from Digital Creations for Zope integration
PyChecker by Neal Norwitz & Eric C. Newton
py2exe by Thomas Heller by Jonathan Feinberg and Babelfish for translation
David Adams' Speller, an xml-rpc spellchecker server
Jeff Sasmor for wxStyledTextCtrl docs
Hernan M. Foffani for ZopeShelf from which the Zope Book was converted
Phil Dawes et al for the Bicycle Repair Man project, a Python refactoring package

The authors of CVS, SSH, SCP

People who have helped out or contributed:

Shane Hathaway <>
* Bug fixes and obtimizations
* Out of process debugger
Kevin Gill <>
* Tutorial
* Many bug fixes
* wxStyledTextCtrl speedups on wxGTK (Not needed/used anymore)
* Feature additions
  * Multiple inheritance in Hierarchy view
  * UMLView popup menu for navigation
Robert Boulanger <>
* Initial Zope/xmlrpc integration 
Tim Hochberg <>
* Find/replace
* Socket server mode
Mike C Fletcher <>
* MakePy dialog
* Much improved UML layout
Marius van Wyk and Kevin Altis
* MacOS X support
Roman Yakovenko
* Improved Find dialog
* Clipboard plus
Cedric Delfosse
* Debian package
* Bug fixes

Also thanks to Kevin Light, Werner Brunin, Oleg Deribas, Patrick 'O Brien, 
John Bell, Gerrit van Dyk, Cliff Baeseman, Larry Poorman and anyone else 
I may have forgotten!