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- Boa Constructor -

Thanks for checking out Boa Constructor.

Boa aims to be a simple Delphi for wxPython.
It is an IDE for Python development including visual wxPython frame
design, object browsers, documentation generation, debugging,
source control (CVS) and much more.
The Boa IDE also integrates with other Python technologies like 
Distutils, Zope, PyChecker, BicycleRepairMain.

If you are new to Boa and wxPython, work through the Getting Started Guide
and Tutorial.

Look at Changes.txt for the latest improvements.
Look at Bugs.txt for info about problems & bugs.

P.S. The short name is Boa, *not* BOA. 
Boa is not an acronymn, it's the name of a huge Python ;)


0.4.4 - Alpha
Requires wxPython 2.5 or higher, Python 2.3/2.4

wxPython 2.4 is no longer supported.
Please use version 0.3.1 for wxPython 2.4 development.

For upgrading code from wxPython 2.4 to wxPython 2.5 please
see the upgrade guide at:

Also the wxPython migration guide at:

Under the Tools menu an upgrader script is provided. Note that it only
upgrades common wx names and parameter changes, manual inspection and fixes
will still be needed. Also the upgrader should be run *before* manually
changing any of the code.

Riaan Booysen 1999 - 2005

Release history:

2005-07-11 - Boa Constructor 0.4.4

2005-03-17 - Boa Constructor 0.4.0

2004-08-25 - Boa Constructor 0.3.1

2004-08-17 - Boa Constructor 0.3.0

2003-04-01 - Boa Constructor 0.2.3

2003-01-13 - Boa Constructor 0.2.0

2002-01-28 - Boa Constructor 0.1.0 alpha

2001-03-29 - Boa Constructor 0.0.5

2000-08-30 - Boa Constructor 0.0.4

2000-02-29 - Boa Constructor 0.0.3

1999-12-25 - Pygasm 0.0.1 & 0.0.2