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# Name:
# Purpose:     Module that initialises the Palette's data and provides
#              the namespace in which design time code is evaluated
# Author:      Riaan Booysen
# Created:     1999
# RCS-ID:      $Id$
# Copyright:   (c) 1999, 2000 Riaan Booysen
# Licence:     GPL

import Preferences, Utils
from Preferences import IS
from os import path

import PaletteStore

from wxPython.wx import *

# This should be the first time the Companion classes are imported
# As the modules are imported they add themselves to the PaletteStore
print 'importing Companions.Companions'
from Companions.Companions import *

if Utils.IsComEnabled():
    print 'importing Companions.ComCompanions'
    from Companions.ComCompanions import *

print 'importing Companions.UserCompanions'
    from Companions.UserCompanions import *
except Exception, error:
    wxLogError('Problem importing User companions')

print 'importing Companions.UtilCompanions'
from Companions.UtilCompanions import *

print 'importing Companions.DialogCompanions'
from Companions.DialogCompanions import *

print 'importing Companions.ZopeCompanions'
from Companions.ZopeCompanions import *

palette = PaletteStore.palette
newPalette = PaletteStore.newPalette
dialogPalette = PaletteStore.dialogPalette
zopePalette = PaletteStore.zopePalette
helperClasses = PaletteStore.helperClasses
compInfo = PaletteStore.compInfo

def compInfoByName(name):
    for comp in compInfo.keys():
        if comp.__name__ == name: return comp
    raise name+' not found'

def loadBitmap(name, subfold = ''):
    filepath = Preferences.pyPath+ '/Images/Palette/' + subfold + name+'.bmp'
    if path.exists(filepath):
        return IS.load('Images/Palette/' + subfold + name+'.bmp')
        return IS.load('Images/Palette/Component.bmp')

def bitmapForComponent(wxClass, wxBase = 'None', gray = false):
    # "Aquire" bitmap thru inheritance if necessary
    if gray: sf = 'Gray/'
    else: sf = ''
    if wxBase != 'None': return loadBitmap(wxBase, sf)
        cls = wxClass
        try: bse = wxClass.__bases__[0]
            if compInfo.has_key(wxClass):
                return loadBitmap(compInfo[wxClass][0], sf)
                return loadBitmap('Component')
            while not compInfo.has_key(cls):
                cls = bse
                bse = cls.__bases__[0]

            return loadBitmap(compInfo[cls][0], sf)
            print 'not found!'
            return loadBitmap('Component')

#print 'PaletteMapping:', len(locals()

def evalCtrl(expr):
    wxNullBitmap = IS.load('Images/Inspector/wxNullBitmap.bmp')
        return eval(expr)
    except Exception, err:
        print 'Exception in evalCtrl', expr, err