boa-constructor / Credits.txt

Sampled people and software 

wxPython (Robin Dunn) & wxWindows (Julian Smart, Robert Roebling, Vadim Zeitlin, et al.) 

Neil Hodgson for Scintilla
Cliff Baeseman for sorting out initial wxGTK problems borrows from - standard python library
uses by Fredrik Lundh
Debugger based on IDLE's debugger by Guido van Rossum
Mozilla, Delphi, WinCVS for iconic inspirations
Cyclops, ndiff by Tim Peters and the DateTime package from Digital Creations for Zope integration

The Boa Team currently

Riaan Booysen <>
Shane Hathaway <>
* Bug fixes and obtimizations
* Busy with an (amazing) out of process debugger (NewDebugger branch in CVS)
Kevin Gill <>
* Many bug fixes
* Huge wxStyledTextCtrl speedups on wxGTK
* Feature additions
  * Multiple inheritance in Hierarchy view
  * UMLView
Robert Boulanger
* Zope integration (BOAZOA branch in CVS)

Also thanks to Kevin Light for bug fixes