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Bugs & Issues 

Path's to bitmaps are currently stored as absolute paths. This is
not ideal and I'm looking for alternatives. The problem with relative
paths is that programs can then be only run from the directory in
which they are stored.
Ideally there should be a library function to convert relative paths
to absolute paths based on the path of the main Python module.

Current Designer behaviour may seem weird where a
single control is dropped on a frame; At first the control keeps its
default size, but when the frame is resized, it fills the frame.
(toolbars, statusbars and menubars connected to the frame are 
excepted from this rule)
This behaviour emulates the way frames/containers auto sizes a control 
if only one is dropped on a frame/container, but it gives you the 
chance to add a second control (before it fills the parent). 
If you have a control filling a parent and want to add another to
the parent, resize/move it out of the way and drop the second
(painful I know)

White space is quite significant for collection item methods!
The spacing/blank lines within the method delimit the 3 possible
sections, I might change this to rather be delimited by comments
(but I don't want to have meaningfull comments either :( )
Anyway don't mess with the whitespace and expect this to change.

Another biggish gotcha is that changes to most (there are exceptions) 
constructor properties and collection item constructor properties 
will only take effect after the frame has been opened and closed.
This is partially due to constructors only being called once ;)
I expect this limitation to be addressed when cut/copy/paste is
implemented. After changes to these properties the controls (and
all their children) will be recreated (cut and paste :)

Speed is still a problem, but has improved since 0.0.4 thanks to
Kevin Gill. Boa still gets slower with a lot of modules open. 
Help with these issues will be greatly appreciated.

Cyclops and wxGenButtons don't mix for some strange reason. Disable
any wxGenButtons code before running Cyclops.
To run Boa in Cyclops, turn the cyclopsing flag on in Palette.py

Other bugs

The profiler only works for Python scripts and Boa itself, not for
other wxPython applications.

Recreate controls not implemented for the Data View.

ToolBars confuse the Designer (and the author).
Components are offset by the height of the toolbar

Toolbars still cause big trouble by moving the frame coordinates down
when linked to a frame.
The only way I can see this working is by always having the toolbar
as the first component and immediately linking it before creating any
other components (this breaks the pattern completely ouch :()
Also have to compensate for all top level controls (ctrls directly on
frame) by adjusting their coordinates upon linking of the toolbar,
because their source won't be updated.
The moral of the story is to not have controls directly on a frame for
now, rather put them in a panel, this is the recommended procedure
in any case.

OGL divided shapes (used in UML view and Import views) do not display
their text until the divider is resized, wxWindows bug.
Kevin implemented a workaround.

The infamous 'After a file dialog the cursor keys don't work' bug.
This is a MAJOR pain in the neck for Boa/NT users (including myself)
Using Boa's own file dialog now.

Debugger causes core dump if Boa is closed while still debugging.

Module being debugged cannot be closed before stopping the debugger.
Either block closing the module, also close the debugger or
remove debugger's dependency on the module's model object.

Help select search result triggers loadpage event 3 times

Parser must be fixed sometime to correctly parse
- methods within methods
- multiline docstrings
- method definitions continued over more than 1 line

Setting linked property to None should clear the source

Some help links break when found text is highlighted in html

App find does not find correctly when module is open.
Reimplement find in source using Scintilla's find, find again.

Display warning when frame closes with Notebook with empty

Browsing does not work from the first character of the source.

Cannot save (like in zope) dtml with errors, don't know how
to get a zope error msg from ftp.

On closing the Designer, refreshCtrl is called many times why?

Explorers have many circular references 


With the accelerator table wxACCEL_ALT binds to shift key
This does not happen with a test case, must still track down the 

Toolbars don't work correctly in the designer

Grid is drawn in the wrong colour (GTK's SetBackgroundColour also 
does not work correctly)