boa-constructor / Bugs.txt

Bugs - Horribly incomplete cryptic buglist
$ - Solved

$ Accessing a property whose property editor was edited on a previous selection of a component
$ coredumps wxPython (dang pointers)

$ Collapsing subproperty tries to store value after property editor
$ is destroyed

$After design time creating a dropping a new component the SelectionGroup gets selected
$but not the object in the inspector 

Property editor controls sometimes sized wrong on edit

$On selecting new component in Designer, namevalue width = default, not current Inspector width

$Selecting frame offsets the SelectionGroup relative to screen coords instead of inside corners
$of frame

$ Designer sizing bug: Control returns to default size after resizing a second time 

Designer sizing bug: If a panel on a frame is selected and the frame is resized 
it is not resized to the new size of the form. This is due to the fact that the selection
group are 4 panels therefor there are 5 ctrls on the frame and the frame will only
resize the panel if it was the only control. 
This behaviour has to be emulated. Will be possible by looking at the child count of
the frame in the parents tree

Changing sub-properties in inspector does not update ctrl

$ Module does not open

Old problem of InspectorScrollWindows' scrollbar getting confused and not being able
to scroll back up

Cannot parse

$wxTreeCtrl.GetParent gives problems, Robin promises fix for next release

Frame size/move not updating in source if frame is not currently selected in the 
inspector, this is a fundamentaly very tricky one to fix properly. 
One hack is to auto select the frame before beginning a move/size ??

$?Closing while on full parent view tree sometimes crashes python

$Second instance of a module type not showing image in AppView

$Slider not working

RadioBox, NoteBook does not trigger mouse events, and static box only triggers over it's
label. ComboBox only over drop down button
A work around is for containers to first do a hit test if clicks are within the region
of any child controls. A bit of a pain tho. Note these controls can still be selected in
the parents page of the inspector

$Saved as modules should notify application of path change

$Module paths are reletivised wrong when App is saved somewhere else

Font property misbehaves: value of font after selected != default font

Frame loses events

$If the last window is closed notebook does not switch to shell

Help select search result triggers loadpage event 3 times

Attributes aren't updated in moduleparse.Class.attributes after working in the Designer
The undelying problem is that the frame designers maintain the source code
and the module is not reparsed when the designers are closed, only their changes
are applied. Attributes get picked up on parsing.

$Module name not changing after rename, only after reload

$Find out why loads so slowly

Can't handle zero length module modules
 $ no infinite loops anymore but still problems

$Inspector does not behave correctly when switching between 2 frame designers

$Frame not updating position when moved

$Add saving btns to text models

$Parent view not behaving correctly to selection of different designers

Utility control must be selected after being added

$Views must update model if they are modified

Parser must be fixed sometime to correctly parse
- methods within methods
- multiline docstrings
- method definitions continued over more than 1 line

Not prompted when overwriting a file