boa-constructor / Changes.txt

Changes / Diary

Merged wxGTK changes back into source. Added, for platform 
specific consts
Added a preview of pyDE (currently a view on ModuleModel)

Added searching functionality to Help (incomplete/bugs)
Differentiating between command and normal events, window id generation

Added window id allocation

Resized images to 16*16. This sorts out the last of the MSW incompatibilities GTK 
changes caused
Updated frame and ctrl renaming code to also maintain window ids
Added wxStaticLine

Hazy period in which I:
- prototyped a debugger
- got a new system (K6-3 450, 3dfx Voodoo 3500 :)
- played a hell of a lot of Unreal / Homeworld

Resumed work on Pygasm.
Trying to only develop in Pygasm, missing syntax hilighting and prod tools, 
 going a bit slowly but docs and view are nice
Implemented screensize from system metrics as suggested on mailing list.
Started with watches in the debugger

Added attributes to classes (moduleparse.Class.attributes, EditorViews.ExploreView)
Added different help for Pygasm/wxPython/Python
Added TextModel and TextView

Refactored help into neater classes
Made more images for debugger

Hunted down bugs in the Editor

My birthday, did absolutely nothing!

Refactored documentation. Added AppModuleDocView

Put Linux (RH 6.1) on my old machine (P1 166)
Mini break

Dialog to ask to save changes on closing (long overdue, lost code a few times)
Info block
Bug fixes

Added an Explorer to Boa, packages, folders and supported modules are browseable

Replaced wxBitmapButtons with  generic toggle buttons on the palette
Added source code line no's to ExploreView, double click to go to source line
Added dynamic context sensitive toolbar buttons (reflecting methods of the
editor, model and view)

00-02-13 - 20
Changed ExploreView & HierarchyView to have one root (GTK friendly)
Implemented basic architechture for invisible components
Various bug fixes

00-02-21 - 28
Worked on wxGTK compatibility
Designed a web site
Added Dialogs, these are created directly in your source code at the current
cursor position from a template
Many bug fixes

Released! 0.0.3