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Boa Constructor (was Pygasm)

Thanks for checking out Boa Constructor.
Boa is supposed to be a simple Delphi for wxPython.
One of the philosophies I try to keep with is to purely be a time/effort saving
code generator, not a library/framework. This is the principle behind storing
object data as source code code as opposed to some pickled datastructure or
fileformat or something.


Riaan Booysen 1999, 2000


Second release: Boa Constructor 0.0.3 - Yet Another Preview Version
Built with wxPython 2.1.13

Please unzip this to an empty directory

This is definately still a pre alpha version. Anything may change and
a lot of things are missing or incomplete.

Changes of note:
* wxGTK compliant :)
* Window identifiers
* Buggy Debugger
* Explorer
* Framework for utility objects (wxImageList)
  Not useful yet, but it's a start
* Funky dynamic toolbar
* Searchable help
* Find in module
  I've been avoiding all work on the source editor until there is a better 
  editor available, but I could not function without 'find'
* Dialogs
  Quick and dirty implementation, clicking on the dialog template
  inserts the standard idiom of usage at the current position in the

Tings to tinker with:
If your sizing isn't right or files aren't being found, please
check out, Prefs*.py, Explorer.*.cfg
It might help.

To define your own explorer filesystem (drives/shares/volumes) or 
workspaces edit Explorer.*.cfg

Note to GTK users, by default transparency for wxGenBitmapButtons is 
off under GTK. If you think your wxGenBitmapButtons work fine you
should try turning transparency on in

Existing code:
If you actually did something useful with Pygasm and you want to open
previously generated modules, change the following in the code (before
you open it in Boa):
* replace #Pygasm:?:? with #Boa:?:?
  this is the module identifier and would be near the top of the module
* replace _init_create with _init_ctrls
* add method this method
def _init_utils(self): 
and call it in __init__ before _init_ctrls
def __init__(self, parent): 


First release: Preview Version
Built with wxPython 2.1.11

This is still a pre alpha release. Even tho I believe a project has to have some level of
maturity before it can be opened up, there are various reasons I decided to release now:
* Hopefully someone can get it wxGTK compatible
* Pygasm has progressed beyond proof of concept (I hope)
* It's christmas
* Big personal milestone (this should have been alpha, but oh well)
* I need feedback
* Find out who's interested


What you should be able to do:
	* Create new modules (Clicking a button from the 'New' page on the Palette)
	* Open/close/save python/pygasm modules and packages (Toolbar on the Editor or Explorer)
	* Check out the various views on the source code (Pages on the module's page)
	* Interact with views (Right click on a view for options)
	* Open the Designer (On a frame module, click the button with the cursor image)
	* Visually add/size/move controls
	* Inspect/edit object selection/properties/events/constructor with the Inspector
	* Generate/update source code (By closing the Designer or clicking Post in the inspector)
        * View Help (On the Palette, select a object on the palette before clicking on help)
        * Debug simple scripts

What isn't working:
	* Keyboard shortcuts for Editor & Inspector. (not implemented)
        * Inspector pages sometimes resize wrong, if a button is missing,
	  resize the inspector a bit to fix it
	* Sub-properties, a few bugs
        * Debugger
	* Many other things if you're interested see Bugs.txt
        * Text modules are semi-broken
	* Not prompted when overwriting a file

	* Not nearly enough Property editors are implemented yet
	* Cut, Copy & Paste
	* Multiple selection
	* Collection editors, for controls hosting lists of objects.
	* Visual sizer creation/maintenance
	* Integration of a syntax highlighting editor! I cannot live without this
	  and many other editor features. I currently use IDLE.
	* Preferences for some configurability

Riaan Booysen