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boa-constructor / Changes.txt


-- 0.2.0 (Release) --


* Added Zope ExternalMethod for runtime hooking of the debugger.
  No longer need to run z2.py from the IDE, see the Debugger page in the docs.
* Changes to accommodate MacOS X, many, many problems remain, but Boa can now
  at least start up on MacOS X! Thanks to Kevin Altis.
* Added plug-in for using XRC files.
* Many minor bug fixes

-- 0.1.5 (CVS) --


* Generated source can now be wrapped over multiple lines.
  Lines are only broken up after commas, inside brackets,
  but this works well enough.
  3 new Preferences added to the General->Code generation
  section. This feature is now on by default.
* I've abandoned the strategy of renaming plug-ins to disable them. 
  This was too unfriendly for things like CVS.
  Also plug-ins can now be ordered.
  Both these changes are implemented with a new file called
  __init__.plug-in.py in your Plug-ins directory which defines the 
  list of disabled and ordered plugin names.
  Ordered plug-ins are executed first (in order!) 
  Everything can be managed thru the GUI under
  Preferences->Plug-ins->Plug-in files.
* Improved Find/Replace dialog.
  Now supports 'Find in files' and seaching in the Explorer.
  Thanks to Roman Yakovenko for the patches!
* Refactored Controller menu/toolbar definitions to use the
  same format that View menu/toolbar definitions uses.
  One visible result of this is that menu items can now display images.
* Improved tab support. The frame designer can now properly generate 
  tab indented code.
  People who care about this, please test as I don't use this.  
* Added ImageEditor.plug-in.py.
  This is an image editor I hacked up ages ago.
  (I needed masked PNG support!)
  I just wrapped up the editor as a Boa View.
  It's rough but it works ;)
  (Hint: When editing images with masks, set the mask again before
         saving, otherwise the previous mask is used)
* Shortcut keys now work better on Linux (Ctrl-S works!!!).
* Composite controls like wxGrid now work properly in the Designer 
  on Linux.
  Unfortunately many other controls still misbehave on Linux :(
* Added wxSpinCtrl
* Zope: Added SiteErrorLog support. 
  Just delete your zoa folder in your Zope root and the new
  zoa will be automatically installed.
* Removed the bundled PyChecker from the repository.
  Boa now tries to use the one installed on your system.

-- 0.1.3 - alpha (CVS) --

02-02-02 - 

* Python 2.2 compatibility issues fixed
* Feature rich out of process Debugger capable of debugging most Python.
  * Tested with Python, wxPython, Tkinter, Zope
  * Special Zope support allowing you to step and break in Python scripts
     Also support for step and break in PageTemplates but for Zope 2.6
* Many internal refactorings which includes moving the models and controllers 
  into the Models package and making wxPython module support optional.
  This implements many of the requirements from the wxIDLE discussuions.
  Also all Zope support moved to the ZopeLib package.

-- 0.1.0 - alpha --

01-05-01 - 02-01-28

* Compatible with and now requires 2.3.2. 
* Files can now be opened ,edited and saved over any supported transport
* Explorer improvements
  * Clipboard improved, can copy/paste between any transports
  * DAV transport added.
  * Preferences are now be maintained in the Explorer tree as items in the Inspector.
     * Many new preferences
     * Key definitions editable
     * Style editor for user defined source code styles, colours and fonts.
* Pluggable components and transports
  * New components , filetypes and transports can be added by putting the
    module in the Plug-ins directory. Examples provided.
* Support for opening html, xml, and c++ files
* Extensive Zope support added
* Complete integrated help for Boa, Python, wxPython and CVS.
* The Help Tips have been expanded a lot, please work thru it as 
   soon as possible as it contains essential information.
* Much better support for using preferences stored in your home directory.
* All image transparency issues resolved (using PNGs for everything)
* Improved code completion, call tips and code browsing.
* Syntax checking for Python source
* New controls available from the Palette.
* More properties added for standard controls
* Resource usage under Win9x improved
* Stability and speed improvements
* Code generation is safer with rollback on errors and warnings for unexpected/incomplete code.
* Improved integration between your code and generated code
  * Special object attributes can be linked to properties
  * The Designer can generate source for controls not directly supported from the Palette
     if you define it's name and equivalent class in a _custom_classes class attribute.

-- 0.0.5 --

00-09-01 - 01-03-18

* New Getting Started Guide and Tutorial
* Support for window layout with Anchors integrated with the Designer
* Redid the Explorer, the following explorer types supported
  * File/Package Explorer
    * Can filter on all files for general purpose cliboard use
  * CVS Explorer
    * command line CVS needs to be installed successfully
    * basic cvs functionality: browse, update, commit, add, 
      remove, status, log, diff, tag, branch
    * CVS conflicts view
    * Cancelable progress dialog
  * Zope Explorer 
    * Management: Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, import, export
    * Creation from the Palette
    * Property management thru the Inspector
  * SSH Explorer: Browse remote SSH accounts, e.g. SourceForge.
    * SSH needs to be installed, remote keys must be uploaded
    * Copy and paste to file clipboard
    * Remote file operations
  * Zip Explorer: Read only zip browsing like directories
  * FTP Explorer: Browse FTP connections
  * sys.path Explorer
  * Config now handled thru the GUI, and edited in the Inspector.
    No more messing with config files.
* Replaced the Normal file dialog with Boa file dialog,
  * Implemented with the Explorers
  * Avoids the NT / STC / FileDialog problem
  * Shows nice icons for Boa files
  * Possible (not used yet) to browse to Zope/SSH/etc documents
* Added Grid drawing (different optional styles) to background
  of the Designer
* Redid Designer selection logic (still buggy) to respect original
  size, and handle non grid positions and sizes.
  * Keyboard sizing and moving by 1 pixel increments
* Clipboard functionality (Cut, copy, paste) implemented in
  the frame Designer and Data view. (not perfect yet)
* Multiple select (for grouped moving) implemented in the frame
  * Control Alignment and Size dialogs added (from right-click)
* The necessary import code is automatically added to source
* Sub properties now work correctly
* Default actions supported, double-clicking on components 
  can create:
  * Default events (Like EVT_BUTTON)
  * Open default properties (Like a Collection Editor for 
    Toolbar tools)
* The debugger works better, but suffers from same defects as
  other in-process Python debuggers.
  * Can browse (ctrl/mouse over) variable values, almost like
    debugger tips in Delphi and other IDEs, only does single
    word variables currently, clicking adds as watch.
* Support for C++ source
* Added ToolTipString property
* Added Style constructor parameter
* Python 2.0 compatibility
* Traceback browser:
  * jump to source from a tree ctrl showing exception tracebacks
  * Create a traceback tree from a Boa.trace file
* New palette look saving some space.
* Modules are parsed when needed allowing snappier opening - Shane Hathaway
* Auto created frames (main frame) works correctly.
* Code browsing/jumping/marking history (back and forward buttons)
* More code completion support (but not enough yet)
  * wxPython methods for wxPython object decendants
  * Attribute type and methods
* Limited support for distutils (Setup module)
  * support for py2exe
-- 0.0.4 --

00-03-01 - 00-08-30

* Put the website into Zope 
* Put application help into Zope 
* Added CVS view to the Explorer
* Links to wxWindows documentation from the Companion classes are now generated by a script
* Moved all image loading into an ImageStore cache type object
* Changed Boa to not have to be started in the Boa directory
* Added find in application
* Syntax highlighting editor
  * Auto indent
  * Smart delete
  * Indent blocks
  * Comment blocks
  * Breakpoints & Tracepoints
  * Code browsing (limited support)
    Hold down ctrl and move the cursor over code, click on 
    underlined code to browse to it
  * Code completion, currently only object attributes self.*
* OGL improvements including saving of position
* Keyboard support in the Inspector, Editor and Designer
* Added Zope interface
* Fixed a lot of little bugs in the Inspector
* Added a MenuBar for the Editor
* Added About box
* Made a subset of views optional
* Added ClassLink property editor for controls linking to
  other controls
* Added FrameBars
* Added the python profiler
* Added Tim Peter's Cyclops, cycle finder
* Controls that don't accept mouse clicks 
  (wxNotebook, wxStaticLine, wxStaticBox)
  are now selectable and dragable
* Added context sensitive help (press F1 in source code)
* Added CollectionEditors
  These are new properties on components which provides 
  design-time item list maintenance.
  In the source, each Collection Editor looks after its
  own method.
  This is a rough first draft and will be refined.
  A very big gotcha with most of these collection properties
  is that they are not live. For most you will have to close 
  open and reopen the Designer for changes to take effect :(
  Please note that whitespace is even more meaningful
  than usual ;) So leave generated code as is!
  The following have been implemented to various degrees:
  * wxListCtrl.Columns
  * wxStatusBar.Fields
  * wxImageList.Images (plus image enabled editor)
  * wxNotebook.Pages
  * wxWindow.Constraints
  * wxToolBar.Tools (plus EVT_TOOL)
  * wxMenuBar.Menus 
  * wxMenu.Items (plus EVT_MENU)
  Still to be implemented:
  * wxAcceleratorTable.Entries (broken, doesn't fit yet)
  * wxBoxSizers, wxStaticBoxSizer
  * Sub menus
  * Different types of insertion methods 
* Directory compare (lib's cmp) and diff facilities (Tim Peter's ndiff)
* Fixed many memory leaks and circular references

-- 0.0.3 --

Merged wxGTK changes back into source. Added wxGTK.py, wxMSW.py for platform 
specific consts
Added a preview of pyDE (currently a view on ModuleModel)

Added searching functionality to Help (incomplete/bugs)
Differentiating between command and normal events, window id generation

Added window id allocation

Resized images to 16*16. This sorts out the last of the MSW incompatibilities GTK 
changes caused
Updated frame and ctrl renaming code to also maintain window ids
Added wxStaticLine

Hazy period in which I:
- prototyped a debugger
- got a new system (K6-3 450, 3dfx Voodoo 3500 :)
- played a hell of a lot of Unreal / Homeworld

Resumed work on Pygasm.
Trying to only develop in Pygasm, missing syntax hilighting and prod tools, 
 going a bit slowly but docs and view are nice
Implemented screensize from system metrics as suggested on mailing list.
Started with watches in the debugger

Added attributes to classes (moduleparse.Class.attributes, EditorViews.ExploreView)
Added different help for Pygasm/wxPython/Python
Added TextModel and TextView

Refactored help into neater classes
Made more images for debugger

Hunted down bugs in the Editor

My birthday, did absolutely nothing!

Refactored documentation. Added AppModuleDocView

Put Linux (RH 6.1) on my old machine (P1 166)
Mini break

Dialog to ask to save changes on closing (long overdue, lost code a few times)
Info block
Bug fixes

Added an Explorer to Boa, packages, folders and supported modules are browseable

Replaced wxBitmapButtons with  generic toggle buttons on the palette
Added source code line no's to ExploreView, double click to go to source line
Added dynamic context sensitive toolbar buttons (reflecting methods of the
editor, model and view)

00-02-13 - 20
Changed ExploreView & HierarchyView to have one root (GTK friendly)
Implemented basic architechture for invisible components
Various bug fixes

00-02-21 - 28
Worked on wxGTK compatibility
Designed a web site
Added Dialogs, these are created directly in your source code at the current
cursor position from a template
Many bug fixes

Released! 0.0.3