The previous version can be found here :

### controll low power DC motor with MCU with clean interface from :
	* native code writen in C51 #see /c_framework/c_lib/user_lib.h
	* remote controll with serial RS232 #see /py_framework/fdbfischer.py
	* simple controll with HTTP via webpage #see /py_framework/fdb_server.py

##current situation :
	> controll 16 DC motor with four board

This project might be not useful.And it is not well structed so these code seems not that understandble.
And my bad english,sorry for these,also for these chinese in code commits.

I have tried Arduino,BUT.
I am in china,and the situation here is quite different from many place through this world.

I am considering about implent some funtions from Arduino to STC 8051.