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This project is a fork of plone.keyring ( originally created by Plone Community. Forked to fix bug with zope.keyreference.interfaces.NotYet exception when KeyManager utility is registered after IntIds utility from zope.intid package.


cykooz.keyring contains a Zope utility that facilitates handling of secrets in an application. Secrets are very important in modern applications, which is why a shared tool to manage them is useful.

cykooz.keyring contains two basic components:

  • a keyring: a data structures which contains one or more secrets.
  • a key manager: a utility which contains the available keyrings and provides some convenience methods to manage them


The keyring is the workhorse: it contains a set of secrets for a specific purpose. A ring has room for a fixed number of secrets which is set at creation time. The most recently added secret is considered to be the current secret and the one that should be used. Older secrets in the ring can be used to keep data generated with older secrets valid for a period of time.

Key manager

The key manager is a container for the available keyrings. It always contains a default system keyring which is used when no other ring is explicitly requested.


You'll need to register a KeyManager as a persistent utility.