cclatex - latex continues build

It monitores your .tex, .eps, etc. files and recompile latex sources in case of modification detected.

Typical usage:

cclatex myfile.tex

You can also put some additional configuration to ~/.cclatex This file is YAML based, you can define following things:

OK_SOUND - command to play sound on success latex compilation ERR_SOUND - command to play sound on error latex compilation FILE_TYPES - file types extensions to monitor, default ['tex', 'txt', 'png', 'eps', 'pdf'] IGNORE_DIRS - which directories to ignore, default ['.hg' , '.svn', '.git']

This is my setup on Mac OS Lion:

OK_SOUND: 'afplay -v 1 ~/Library/Sounds/Pong2003.aiff' ERR_SOUND: 'afplay -v 1 ~/Library/Sounds/Uhoh.aiff'