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  • To install, change to the directory where is located and type (python-2.3 or later needed):

    python install

  • To learn how to use it, look at the examples under cherrypy/tutorial/ or go to for more info.

  • To run the regression tests, just go to the cherrypy/test/ directory and type:

    nosetests -s ./

    Or to run individual tests type:

    nosetests -s

Recent activity

Joel  Rivera

Joel Rivera pushed 10 commits to cyraxjoe/CherryPy

b619c4f - Let the args and kwargs heading into a PageHandler be accessible on the request object. This way tools can be written that munge those parameters, ...
c5f1026 - A little more debugging for cherrypy sessions, AND for file based sessions, fail early if the session is accessed while not locked.
d777650 - Better debug output from the session tool.
851bc8d - Merged in moigagoo/cherrypy (pull request #31)
9cb89b4 - [~] cURL basic usage guide added.
Joel  Rivera

Joel Rivera pushed 2 commits to cyraxjoe/CherryPy

01aa0ac - Add background image and update the name of the file for the docs.
80eadd9 - Update doc styles to be more like and add tutorial to the toc tree.
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